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20 Plus Things About Homelessness

Today has been a very interesting day. I have mixed emotions…from A-Z. This 48 hour homeless experience has been something like I never would have imagined. Folks this is nothing to joke about!

I wasn’t able to get blogging down quite like I envisioned. Nevertheless, I tweeted a great deal today from my phone as much as I could. I think the best way to to capture my thoughts is just to list them all out, so here we go:

  • Thank you Lord for protecting me this day on the streets of Jacksonville

Thank you to my wife, you have been a constant support since the time I kept debating whether or not I should do this.

  • Galen Bauer and your team, you introduced me to Family Promise of Jacksonville- Thank You. We’re better because of Blueprint For Leadership.
  • Pastor Gary Hall for supporting me to be who I am

    • Mark Landschoot and Family Promise of Jacksonville: you’ve been behind this process since day one
    • Homeless is no joke, this thing is for real
    • Not everyone that’s homeless, decided to walk in this. BIG life changing stuff happens to people beyond their control.
    • Too many students are living without a stable home environment
    • I’ve discovered there are very limited resources in the Jacksonville Community to address this issue
    • God can restore, and He’s doing it in lives as I write
    • Being Homeless, honestly I felt Lost. It was like searching for a hand to help lift me out of a deep pit.
    • Homelessness is very humbling, you have very little privacy
    • H. can almost become depressing
    • I don’t see how some people walk across the city all day just to survive
    • Matthew 25:35-40 was sealed in my heart in a major way
    • There are some good churches stepping up to the plate to PRACTICALLY address this issue
    • When it’s raining and you’re homeless, you’re just stuck. I got really wet today.
    • It’s not good enough to see a problem and not doing anything about it.
    • Find out how you can help a cause and move forward! You Don’t wait on the masses
    • Thank you to everyone who has been of encouragement and support via facebook and twitter.
    • Family Promise is doing good things to support families…

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