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Leaving A Legacy

Famed journalist Walter Cronkite passed away yesterday. He was once described as “the most trusted man in America.” His legacy is evident in the lives of many in the news world and beyond into other sectors. He was known for his ability to report tough stories with a level of calmness and stability during challenging times in our nation’s history. I could go on and on, but the question that rests with me is what type of legacy will I leave?

What legacy will you leave?

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A Few Thouhts On Oceanway Appreciation Day

I’m excited about Oceanway Appreciation Day! Just a few thing to keep in mind before the big volunteer day! To register click here.

1. Drink plenty of fluids before Saturday, August 1. It will be hot outside!

2. Please wear light colored clothing. Dark colors attract heat!

3. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. We’re planting flowers and trees that day!

4. Please arrive on time. We are scheduled to start at 7:30 AM, but won’t hurt to be at Oceanway Elementary by 7:15 AM.

5. Come with a smile. Working with a diverse group of people is more pleasant when you have a friendly attitude.

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Considering planting a church?

There are many things that I’ve learned thus far about church planting: leadership stuff, administration stuff, small group stuff, budgeting stuff, and other stuff that’s really important to know.

However, the biggest discovery that I’ve found, and quite honestly, the most painful is the balancing act of being bi-vocational. I know of planters who hold down a traditional job and pastor a church. I don’t see how they do it. And I’m beginning to wonder, how I’m going to do it. Do it what? Work 8-10 hours a day, be a family guy, plant a church, and still find time for recreation-not too mention complete my master’s degree. Somewhere, somehow, something is going to have to give.

I don’t believe it’s the church’s sole responsibility to care for the leader of the flock. Even Paul referenced tentmaking as an occupation in the New Testament. Additionally, he references one church that was the only to support him spreading the Gospel.

My “tentmaking” gig is rewarding and helps to support very noble and meaningful efforts in our community. I thank God for the opportunity to be employed, especially during this economic season.

Yet often, I find myself searching for time….if that makes anysense! Time is the most important thing you have as a planter. As I’m writing, I’m away with my family getting much needed rest.

If you’re considering planting a church. Take seriously, the answer to the question- How will you sustain the natural functions of life?

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Racial and Ethnic Disparities Report

Hopefully, you’re reading this today after church. It frustrates me to know that these problems exist. I’m sure it will for you too after reading this report. The church is called to be the answer to society’s ills. We must do something to help change the course for many unprepared, disadvantaged children.

I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time. I read this report (portions of it) months ago. When I started, so much of it was discomforting that I stopped. If you’re really concerned about the future of all Jacksonville’s next generation…this is definitely a file that you should keep on hand. It will either be the fuel you need to Be The Change. Perhaps, it might make you sick to your stomach- to do nothing.

I’m not one to believe that you always have to have an official report to answer a call to action. But this report compiled by the Jacksonville’s Children’s Commission has all the data and professional expertise you need to get up and get moving. It’s called “The Racial And Ethnic Disparities Report.”

In it you’ll discover many of the systematic reasons why so many children perform better in life (not just school) than do others.

Click here. Get up and do something now!

What are your thoughts after reading this?

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Sowing Seeds In Oceanway

As a church planter it’s extremely important to build connections with people….especially in the community where your church will launch. This past Friday I spent about 2.5 hours passing out bottles of water to shoppers at the Oceanway Publix. Thank you to them for the opportunity.

It may not mean much to you reading this, but to me, I see as vital connections to what I truly believe God has called me to do. Below are a few pics of the water. Sorry, I couldn’t pass out water and take pictures of me at the same time.

A few thoughts from experience:

1. People were amazed that I didn’t charge anything for the water.

2. I gave bottles of water to people from different backgrounds: Black, White, Hispanic, male, female, young, and old

3. When I told shoppers I was a church planter, many wanted to know where the church was located

4. Others wanted to know what denomination I was affiliated with

5. If and when I do this again, I’ll reconsider having the church name on the sign. Some, when they noticed “Church” decided not to accept the water.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here….I’m not in Jacksonville today. Taking a much needed break! Spirit, Soul, and body needs it.


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