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Archive | November, 2010

Day 57 Good Everyday Maryland

I don’t think I’ve seen anything like A Mission Of Mercy in Frederick, Maryland.

All I can say is wow!

I really like their unique perspective on prenatal care.

According to their site:

Located in Frederick Maryland out of the Frederick Church of the Brethren, Mission of Mercy has treated expectant mothers and children of all ages since its inception in 1994. To handle the increase in demand for prenatal care, and to address the lack of available services in Frederick County, Maryland, Mission of Mercy launched a Prenatal Care Pilot Project in 2001. This included the recruitment of an obstetrician and expansion of its prenatal services. In 2002, MOM expanded its services further by recruiting a volunteer nurse mid-wife, establishing a separate waiting and examination area, increasing the clinics days, and increasing the patient load.

Mothers participating in Mission of Mercy’s Prenatal Care Program receive:

  • A series of personal visits with a doctor and/or nurse mid-wife
  • Supply of daily multivitamins and other necessary prescription medications
  • Lab and diagnostic imaging services, such as fetal ultrasound and Doppler imaging
  • Prenatal blood work, urinalysis and cultures
  • Copy of complete medical records


Day 55 Good Everyday Maine

In Portland, Maine there is great organization called Preble Street.

According to their site:

Preble Street Teen Center is the hub of services for homeless and runaway youth, providing immediate access and an acclaimed service coordination model. As the core component of Preble Street Teen Services, the Teen Center helps to meet immediate needs—providing warmth and safety, nutritious meals, clothing, and crisis intervention—while building a positive relationship with young people who have never been able to trust anyone, enhancing their self-esteem, offering them the opportunity to develop life skills that promote stability and independence.

The Teen Center empowers youth to make healthy choices and to plan healthy, hopeful futures through: 

  • Street outreach to encourage youth to leave the streets and to be safe. 
  • Basic shelter services that provide a safe alternative to the streets.
  • Transition back to their homes or another safe living situation, including residential care and independent living.
  • Casework services to help youth identify and achieve their goals for health care, employment, mental health and/or substance abuse counseling, legal assistance, housing, etc.

14 Must Ask Questions For Ladies

Before He Puts A Ring On Your Finger, You Must Ask The Right Questions

Women like security. True? Instability and uncertainty are not signs of security. True?

If you agree with these first two questions continue. If not, stop reading now.

Since you decided to keep reading I have a few thoughts to share about some of the basic need to know questions of most women. Being in the know strengthens a woman’s confidence. Even if she doesn’t agree with your position on matters it helps her to determine whether or not she’s going to continue to pursue the relationship or count her losses.

Knowledge is power; including in relationships.

I’ve discovered through being a son, brother, cousin, and after a few years of marriage that most women have very straight forward basic questions for the men of their lives. You may think that these questions are generalizations, and not applicable to all. Perhaps. But I believe these to be truth. Continue Reading →


Day 54 Good Everyday Louisiana

Kansas Sunday.

Kentucky yesterday.

The tour is still kickin’….today we roll into Louisiana. Baton Rouge to be exact! 🙂

There was a time in a different season of my life, when I worked with one of the largest school districts in America. I was the lead person for all mentoring relationship initiatives (among other things).

When I hear of great groups like Big Buddy groups making a significant difference I really get pumped up! Continue Reading →


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