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A Slice About 300 Posts

This is post #300 on my blog. I’m glad to have reached this milestone. To celebrate, I’m sharing what I know. Why? Because I didn’t get here on my own. Several bloggers have provided inspiration and insights about the powerful communication tool.

Here a few things that I’ve learned about blogging. This isn’t for the seasoned blogger, but for the beginner who needs some help just getting started. I wish I could share everything, but I’m only able to share a “slice” of what I know. Not because I’m trying to hold back, but because I want to share what I’m confident about and not steps that will have you all over the place. Here we go:

1. Time. It doesn’t happen over night. You can blog as much as you want. Once per day. Once per week. Just know individual results may vary. 🙂

2. Conistency. Many times I’ve thought about not blogging. Particularly during the time of the decision not to proceed with church planting. You can read the “The Decision” by clicking here. Consistency not only is regular updates, but it also includes staying true to who you are.

3. Blog Service. My blog is built on WordPress. I strongly recommend it. It’s the the most user friendly I’ve found. I’ve been from GoDaddy, to Typepad, to WordPress, to Posterous, and back now back to WP. It’s simply phenomenal.

4. Theme selection. I use the Standard Theme. The 8bit Network who developed the theme is awesome. I tell anyone if you’re looking for a resource to blend ministry with technology, they are a must. You should to add them to your list of blogs to follow.

5. Design. I receive a lot of compliments about the look of my blog. But it wasn’t me, I had help. Antwon Davis designed the blog design that you see. He’s definitely a talented young brother with a bright future ahead of himself. Along, with design, use nice pictures. I get most of my pictures from Microsoft Office images.

6. Twitter. It’s a powerful tool for building your network and telling people about your blog. Use it! My app preference thus far is Tweetdeck- makes using Twitter very streamlined and organized.

7. Prayer. This is certainly not least. You should pray for your blog because it’s a reflection of you and your relationship with God. A blog is an online property and should be treated as such. It should be maintained just like the lawn and your home.

I hope these tips have helped! Peace!

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