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A New Beginning

Beginning Signs Are Always Exciting

This is the beginning of a new beginning. Funny, as it may sound the focus of this blog has changed recently. Initially, the focus was covering news, stories, events, and all the great things happening in the Northwest Jacksonville area. Great initiative right? Of course! However, after acknowledging the fact that I don’t live in this region any more and haven’t for quite some time. Does it really make sense to claim to be an authority on life in this community if I don’t live there? I don’t think so. So I had to do some serious soul searching about the integrity of this blog and it’s content.

Northwest Jacksonville is filled with great people. That being said, there is also great positive news that is happening. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get showcased, in my opinion. So, what do I do with this web space? Do I let it go? Do I sell the domain name? Should I just abandon the idea of covering the news that I so badly wanted to share? Or should I think, pray, and jot down other thoughts of how to expand? The decision came when I began to think about expanding on this ideas of the last question.

What made the decision to switch the focus was because of the media outlets that do a great deal of work covering this area. After I thought about the tremendous grasp these news groups already had, why try to break the mold and start something new. After all, there would have nothing wrong with it at all. But why? Could I help make a difference in another area.

My vast experience working in this area and the desire to serve my generation, I could see where my input could be best served in a new arena.

So here we are, a new approach, a new focus, a new something that isn’t being shared in a SIGNIFICANT way.

Join the journey….this will be fun!


Pic courtesy of: Andy Dean

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