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Updating My About Page Again

I wrote yesterday about my journey again with BlogX. While it is only day two of this process I am feeling the affects of the transformation. This is a good thing! We should always be in a posture of growth and development…even if it is uncomfortable.

My blogging assignment today is to do something I really don’t like to do- talk about myself. John has instructed us to update our “About” us page. Check this one as done. While this isn’t my cup of tea I see the value in this type of activity. If one of my goals is to build community around this blog, readers need to know something about the blogger right? Yes.  You can read more after the jump.


Trying To Reflect My Father.

Who Am I? Husband to Melisia. Father of two handsome sons. Motivator. Blogger.

What I used to do? I served as the lead for the Mentoring Initiative and Faith-based partnerships for the Department of Community and Family Engagement of Duval County Public Schools. I worked closely with local businesses and non-profit organizations to help build partnerships with schools for student mentoring. Prior to this position, I taught at the middle and high school levels where I was the team leader of a Small Learning Community and Teacher of The Year.

What have I done? I joined the Blueprint For Prosperity initiative to increase the quantity and quality of mentoring programs in Jacksonville, and participated in the national Project Turn- Around to encourage faith based groups to adopt schools. I am a graduate of Hands On Jacksonville’s , Blueprint For Leadership Program. I served a year-long commitment as a High Impact Project Leader that addressed eliminating poverty, preserving the environment, and restoring schools as the core of the community.

Here are few other things I have done:

  • Organized conferences
  • Served as a workshop facilitator
  • Developed teaching curricular
  • Hosted local radio shows
  • Launched a business that never took flight
  • Attempted to launch a ministry that never took flight

Why Blogging?

Blogging helps me to tell the story of faith and entrepreneurship. It is one of the many avenues to build online community around ideas and solutions. I am more interested in the latter.

What Can You Expect?

  1. Authenticity.
  2. Real stories from the journey of community development.
  3. An occasional laugh 🙂
  4. This page to change slightly over time.


Pic by A. Elizabeth Photography

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