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Access Denied

I posted a video a few days ago that the church plant Is On! What I didn’t know is the challenges I would experience thereafter recording the video.

Yesterday, I sent an email to a local school district official asking for assistance with gaining access to an area middle school. I received an encouraging reply about possibly being able to move forward. Well, late yesterday I received an email from the official that I would NOT be able to use the middle school. Talk about being dissappointed! This was the perfect location (IMO): space, parking, easily recognized in the city, downtown. It was perfect!

To make the sting stronger: I recorded a video in front of the school yesterday.

Lesson learned: When you’re denied access to an area or thing you really wanted, trust God that what he has planned is far greater than what you wanted.

I have no idea why our church plant won’t be able to use the school. I can’t dwell on it long. The quest now is to identify another location….quickly. I think it’s very important to build relationships in the community where we serve before the launch.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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