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3 Steps- Acknowledge, Action, Advance

You’ve probably figured it out if you’ve been following my tweets that I’m pulling for the Celtics in this series. This is my second post with Coach Rivers this week. I admire him from afar for several reasons- man of character, engaged father, and excellent basketball coach.

I happened to see him at a high school basketball game here in Jacksonville earlier this year in support of one of his sons. In the midst of a challenging NBA schedule (from city to city)  he still found time to see a game in Jacksonville, Florida.

What catches my attention about this video recap of game 3 is his poise and ownership of the reasons for the Celtics loss. As leaders we must be willing to acknowledge the facts when we suffer defeat and have a clear understanding of what needs to be corrected. It’s a poor sign of character when we allow ourselves to moan and complain, over and over again, about what happened during setbacks.

  • Here are my take-aways from the press conference. (1) Acknowledge, (2) Action, and (3) Advance. That’s it! Simply acknowledge what happened,

  • take action to correct it,

  • and advance forward.

What are your thoughts about setbacks? How do you address them? Leave a comment.

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