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App Next Steps

This post may not mean much in the grand scheme of BlogX. However, I am committed to the process. Further, as a follow up to my kick-off yesterday I completed my business plan minutes ago.

This is key moving forward. I have been communicating via email with a potential seed investor (PSI) about the prototype. Fortunately, they appear to be attentive to what is possible. Much to my surprise I got an ask for my business plan.

I am not sure who said it…”if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” True statement. Even if you don’t know all the details a guide is better than not having one. This will help to navigate your thoughts and actions. Plans help to add structure to our ideas. The effort put into it is a sign of your commitment to the project. I look forward to hearing back from the PSI.

I hope to be able to share more exciting news as it relates to the development of my app.

Even if my plan is rejected, I made the attempt. This is what counts right?

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