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The purpose of our lives is to live for someone. The gifts we possess, that talents we have, even the resources we share are for someone else.

What the world needs more of is people that are willing to be used as vessels. To be poured out…empty. It is this selfless attitude that makes a winning team.

Our ability to overcome the obstacles that hinder us is necessary. Necessary for our own growth and development and it is equally necessary for the growth and development of those to whom we have been called to reach.

Let us make a determination today to be who we are called to be despite the obstacles we may face. Being who we are called to be is what is important.

So…let us put our game face on and live the life we were created to live.

You nor I will never know the lives we were destined to touch if stay boxed in our shelves of comfort. Push on and Be.

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