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Crowd funding: Before Launch

Just Before Launch, You're Waiting Like This

Just before you take a huge  step towards your goal there will be great opposition. It can feel as though you are a rocket just sitting, waiting for lift off.

I mean stuff that will try to distract you from making the move that you know is decisive and everything hinges on your strategic action. There will come a day and time when you face this if you haven’t already. Brace and prepare for it. It could be in the form of lack of energy, disappointment, discouragement, conflicting views. It could be something as tragic as a personal loss. Who knows? I have discovered that often we are either headed into a storm or coming out of one. Believe me.

For quite some time now. I have been facing hardships concerning my local social media event. In large part it has been because of my desire to have a huge impact in Jacksonville. I have begun to wonder if I should ever try. Sometimes, our plans our so huge in our minds that we forget or overlook the things that get us to the destination on the journey. We must have the internal fortitude to push past the feelings of inadequacy and move forward. Yes, we all want to do great things. But we must have all the pieces of the puzzle together (at some point) to make  the THING work.

So, here I stand just on this side of putting together the script for my crowd-funded Rockethub creative project. Should I move forward  or should I turn back? Why will anyone support my project? Why do I want to make a difference anyway? These questions and others are always on my mind.

I believe in prayer, as I’ve mentioned before, and I believe that I can do this. Though I have never done this before. I feel as though I must.

I will need  your support to bring this project too past. The reality is, I can’t do it without you. As of today, I’ve only received about 105 visitors and 2 comments (since September 12). The responsibility is on me now to build a community around the social media event.There is only so much more that I can write about.

Just before the launch it gets rough, tough, and ugly. Be encouraged you can make it happen. Take the first step. Take the strategic action needed to have lift off.

I hope the best for you.


Rocket pic courtesy of Microsoft Office


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