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Crowd funding: Blogging Your Way Through The Project

Blogging helps to spread the word about what you are doing. It adds visibility to what you are doing in a very crowded internet space.

Your blog can be a powerful tool for you and your causes if you desire for it to be so. Traditional marketing efforts can be very costly. Does it still work? For many yes. However, it does not always work for everyone.

What does it take to run a blog? I’m no expert. My blogging mentor, John Saddington, he is the expert. For those of you reading this desiring to get started writing through a blog. Here is what you need. Before you read these next few points. This is a shoestring approach. Ready? You need:

  • A domain name (keep it simple and memorable)
  • Hosting (I  don’t pay more than $10 a month to run this blog)
  • Blog Platform (There are many available. I use WordPress)
  • Blog Theme (I use Standard Theme)

Mix these four together and you are off to a good, healthy start. Here comes the other part that people don’t often tell you about blogging and building community. You have to blog consistently if you want to reach people. To fund your project, your crowd must be updated. A blog helps to share the developments of your project. Not only that, but a blog gives you the ability to listen to valuable feedback from your community in the comments section. Interacting with them builds trust and continuity for a successful fundraising outcome.

Don’t delay. Start today. If going with a funded approach is not feasible right now. No worry. Consider using Posterous to get started. For the sake of your project and those you will impact….start now. Blog your way through to a successful project.

What platform and theme do you use to blog? Leave a comment below.


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