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The First Week Of BlogX: Complete

Lifting Weights Builds Muscle


Yes, I completed my first week of BlogX! It was an incredible week.

I’ve blogged for over two years, read books about blogging, listen to videos of others talk about blogging. However, I have never been part of an intensive challenge of bloggers simultaneously.

John, from, and lead of 8bit is pushing a community of bloggers (me included) over a 90 day period to get in top blogging shape. You can join and read more about it here.

NowJax is definitely, not about blogging. I do admit, I am using the BlogX stay focused on bringing the city closer through a social media celebration for GOOD. Details forth coming.

What did I learn this week:

  1. How to use Google Analytics
  2. How to begin developing a rhythm for creating content
  3. You need more than one analytic tool
  4. I need a support system to be successful at blogging
  5. Blog muscle comes through consistent, focused writing

To learn more about John Saddington and the BlogX challenge read this post!


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