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Needs Improvement Huh?


I mentioned in this post that there was a NEED to upgrade the look of this blog. Well, it’s finally here!

Yep, we’re only a few days old (13 to be exact), and we’re already getting a major facial uplift. As we move closer to actually accomplishing something here for me it was important to make sure that I present an image that’s respectable and shows some level effort to achieve our goals.

Fortunately, this WordPress blog is running on Standard Theme. The admin portion is super easy to make changes in CSS and its loaded with features to help you grow as you desire.

Concerning design. I am not a designer. Neither to ascribe to be. For most of my graphic work I consult and outsource to one of the most talented designers in the industry. He is @antwondavis of 4th Park Studios. He’s the guy behind the image that you see now.

I know a little about design and image. Just enough to see the bigger picture it represents as it relates to how your content is shared. Something else I know about design. It speaks for itself. Period. If it’s important to you to grow you will invest your own resources to get that place. Jeff Shinabarger, of Plywood People, wrote an excellence post on the importance of being committed to seeing your own dreams come true by investing in your own stuff with Skin in the Game.

All this being said, we are walking through the series Creating A Social Media Event.

Here are five things I’m learning about the stuff we put out:

  1. Image Is Everything
  2. Content Can Carry You Only So Far
  3. People will judge you by appearance
  4. Simplicity is key with design.
  5. Allow design to aid the overall goal, but don’t make it the goal.

The closer we get to the event. Design will make more sense as it relates to the importance of the end goal. More importantly, the brand NowJax establishes in our community.

Let me know your thoughts on our new look.

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