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A Brief Thought About The Grind And The Glory

Thinking about a lot of stuff lately, especially the e-book! While it’s not a religious book. I’m sure you’ll find great inspiration from the words and may even have a sripture reference for some of my thoughts and even those from the contributors.

I have a deep desire to impact men with this project that it’s hard to explain. I’m not even sure where to begin articulating the emphasis of the book. So here’s where I’ll start….

1 Chronicles 12:32 (Amplified Bible)

32And of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs; and all their kinsmen were under their command;

Not much to add right now, but I will share this thought. My prayer is that I fully grasp the day that we live in and make great use of wisdom to act responsibly to effectively serve my generation.

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