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Some Things I Just Can’t Say

Just before Father’s Day arrives, something has really been stirring in my heart. Too often I hear people bad mouthing Father’s for one reason or another. Here’s my short post on a few things in the name of Father’s Day that I just can’t say:

1. I never knew who my Father was.

2. My daddy was a dead-beat person.

3. My grandfather’s and uncles weren’t visible in my life.

4. My daddy didn’t teach me how to tie a tie.

5. My daddy didn’t watch me play basketball.

6. My daddy wasn’t an example of strength in adversity.

7. Positive male role models haven’t given me any type of support.

8. My daddy told me to disrespect my mother.

9. My daddy never taught me the responsibility of being a person of my word.

10. My daddy never said I love you.

I love you daddy! Happy Father’s Day 😉

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