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Yesterday, I mentioned the beginning of a series about Creating A Local Media Event.

Well, there are many areas that I can begin to approach the subject. However, for the sake of structure, it is wise that I stick with the outline. While I could start with any on the list. I’ll take a stake and start with the categories. If you or I organize an event around social media we must put forth the effort to recognize the individuals, businesses, and organizations are properly celebrated.

One thing that aids this correct posture (IMO) is separate, diverse categories.

Why? Because we are not all the same and many of us use social media for various reasons. Some for fun. Some to communicate news. Some to help their bottom line. Some to help their cause for good. You get the picture.

What areas should be celebrated? There are more that I can list here. However, when we think local and content creation. There are a few sectors that stand out. This list may likely change as time develops. Once the event has been set in motion the final categories will be displayed on a dedicated page.

So here are the early thoughts on categories:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Government
  3. Coffee Shop
  4. School
  5. Principal
  6. Teacher
  7. News Anchor
  8. Author
  9. Artist
  10. Taxi Service
  11. Hair Salon
  12. Barbershop
  13. Car Dealership
  14. Marketing/Advertising
  15. Hospital
  16. Doctor
  17. Nurse
  18. Non-profit
  19. Community Volunteer
  20. Bank
  21. Photography
  22. Blogger
  23. Bakery
  24. Music
  25. Fashion
  26. Child Care provider

These are just a few that I’ve thought thought of  that are vast enough, yet specific enough, to hold a local social media celebration. This list, can not cover everything, but does do a pretty good job with. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. What should be added? What should be deleted?



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