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The Start Of Something

Recently, I have shared posts about launching something. I even talked about my response to doing something spectacular. Two days I shared how I was going to pitch again.

Well, now it’s time for me to move forward with one of my goals. Over the next month I Will have some thing to show for it.

Last night I attended a Hackathon at CoWork Jax. There were probably a dozen of us talking about ideas that we wanted to see develop into an app. I could not stay for the entire event, but I did start a few engaging conversations about web development projects.

I will write more later. I am two days away from leaving the country. So I have to go pack. 🙂


Produce Something

Yes, I had another awesome night of my entrepreneur’s class tonight. It was great to hear and see the ideas of other aspiring people.

We were challenged to create someTHING. We were motivated and pushed to be on the front lines of development. Simply put, our facilitator said ….we need to produce.

The fruits of our labor will not be visible if we do not. If we sit by with an idle mind, the opportunities will pass us by in a hurry. Over the next few hours I will make another deliberate attempt with a pitch to build a team around an idea that I believe will make a significant difference.

I hope to share more with you in the next few days about what I plan to produce.


Jacksonville: 5821

My recent posts (about community, calling, and responding) and dreams have led me on a journey that I don’t have adequate words to express. Today, I took a few pics of a location here in Jacksonville at 5821 _____________. I want to do something with this location. Yes, I want to say what right now, but I am not totally certain. For now just take a look below and dream with me about the possibilities.

Front Right Up Close Angle

Right Side View

Rear Of Restaurant Broken Order Window

Left Side Drive Through Window


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