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Will and Don in Episode 001.

Sometimes life requires that you rework your plan.

Yesterday was a great day! For the first time I was able to tweet…. Continue Reading…

Let's Be The Change

Let’s Be The Change


Yesterday, I made a post about how I wanted to serve my generation with timeless truths and in practical ways. Shortly after I hit publish I found out that Chase Reeves suddenly lost his son. I had the privilege of meeting Chase last week at Rock The Stage in San Jose. He has powerful insight for entrepreneurs and an amazing business at Fizzle. Continue Reading…

Thank you for reading my blog over the past few years. I have learned a ton about blogging. Recently, I have taken huge steps to better identify my target audience.

Through this learning process I have come to grips that this blog (to a large degree) has been about me and what I was doing. This site did not have value to you the reader. As much as I am passionate about a number of things in the world. I failed to make posts sticky around a niche. Too random. Too infrequent posts. Too ___________.

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