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Inspiration In The Dark

Sometimes the greatest moments of inspiration come when it’s darkest and noisy-silent.

It is at these times that character is tested and dreams are cemented. Give up or go on? Throw in the towel or triumph?

Stay in the fight my friend. Keep pushing.


17 Days

In 17 days I will shoot a basketball for 10 hours to raise $10k for my students. Join me. Leave a comment below to start the dialogue about the process.


Innovation Is A Must

Innovation is a must ….. here’s why.

1. It’s dull being like everyone and everything else.

2. Our best idea may very be the next idea.

3. Our idea needs to be sharpened.

4. Our competition is not slacking with their execution.

5. People follow innovation.

6. Innovation is a sign of courage.

7. It will help you to grow.

8. People want to be part of the story of creative experiences.


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