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A Reflection From The Jax Chamber Of Commerce

I Shook Hands With The Chamber 🙂

This past weekend I took out some time to clean out old junk that I had intended to clean, but had neglected to do so. Much to my surprise I came across an old name tag from my time with Duval County Public Schools. It was a Jacksonville Chamber Of Commerce badge for the Downtown Council. One of my responsibilities was to help build relationships with local businesses to develop partnerships with schools. It was fun and frustrating at times to help bridge the gap between a not for profit entity (school district) and for profit entities (businesses).

More importantly, I reflected on a  time when 100% of my energy was devoted to impacted the next generation. More so, I reflected on a different season in my life. Have you had those times of looking back?

If you don’t know where you’ve been, how can you know where you are going?

History is a powerful teacher if we are willing to learn.

Here is what I thought about as I took a few minutes to sit and think:

1. Our past is only a signal for the future

2. Be grateful for the relationships established as you pass through life

3. Soak in all that you can at every stage of life

4. Don’t allow your past to dictate where you are headed

5. It is OK to change courses in life

Did I miss something?

  • Bob Ganzak

    Love that Dewitt….

    • Dewitt Robinson

      Thanks Bob!

  • Gisele Nelson

    This is a great reminder. I love #1 and #4. They kind of go hand-in-hand. We get the benefit of understanding of the past so we can change our future. We can make decisions of where we want to go with the wisdom we gained by walking paths we maybe wouldn't have considered if we hadn't walked the wrong ones before.

    • Dewitt Robinson

      Very true Gisele. Wisdom is key in all of life's decisions. Thanks for sharing!

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