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#8 National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative

The National Church Adopt-A-School Inititiave. Churches adopting a school speaks for itself. I could write more, but I would probably mess up what the organization is all about. Read below this excerpt from their website.
It is our conviction that the church, not the government, is the best social delivery system since it is closer to the needs of people, offers the largest potential volunteer force, has facilities for impact pro¬grams, and offers a moral and spiritual frame of reference for making right choices.
When churches develop a Kingdom perspective, they cease being ingrown and then are free to mobilize volunteers to meet the crying needs of urban young people while strengthening the family structure in a context of compassion, moral training and spiritual accountability.

The concept of NCAASI is comprehensive…to implement a national faith-based strategy to address the spiritual and social needs of urban youth and families through a church and public school partnership based on the Dallas, Texas Project Turn•Around program.

Using the Project Turn•Around model, the NCAASI builds the capacity of churches and faith-based organizations to provide “a hand-up, not a hand-out” by seeking holistic, long-term solutions of meeting needs in a way that changes how people think, which ultimately determines how they live.

NCASSI site can be found at:

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