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Come back, just like the Colts

You’ve probably figured out that I enjoy sports. This clip is just a bit of motivation for those of us who’ve been behind in some of our goals. In all of your planning you still seem to miss the mark. We’ve all been there and it’s very fustrating to say the least. Oftentimes, the battle of moving forward versus quitting seems like Mighty Mice going up against a mammoth sized African Elephant.
Let me just encourage you to never quit; stay in the game! Our potential will never be known if we yield to thought of “Well, I guess it just wasn’t meant for me.” Go back to the place where you first believe that God spoke. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, because He will, and make it happen. You’re not waiting on God, God is waiting on you.
There is a “Come back, just like the Colts.” How does this clip coincide with being down and getting up again?Just check out and you will see….

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson

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