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Considering planting a church?

There are many things that I’ve learned thus far about church planting: leadership stuff, administration stuff, small group stuff, budgeting stuff, and other stuff that’s really important to know.

However, the biggest discovery that I’ve found, and quite honestly, the most painful is the balancing act of being bi-vocational. I know of planters who hold down a traditional job and pastor a church. I don’t see how they do it. And I’m beginning to wonder, how I’m going to do it. Do it what? Work 8-10 hours a day, be a family guy, plant a church, and still find time for recreation-not too mention complete my master’s degree. Somewhere, somehow, something is going to have to give.

I don’t believe it’s the church’s sole responsibility to care for the leader of the flock. Even Paul referenced tentmaking as an occupation in the New Testament. Additionally, he references one church that was the only to support him spreading the Gospel.

My “tentmaking” gig is rewarding and helps to support very noble and meaningful efforts in our community. I thank God for the opportunity to be employed, especially during this economic season.

Yet often, I find myself searching for time….if that makes anysense! Time is the most important thing you have as a planter. As I’m writing, I’m away with my family getting much needed rest.

If you’re considering planting a church. Take seriously, the answer to the question- How will you sustain the natural functions of life?

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