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CP to CP #3. Prayer

There is a place that we all can go!

There is a place that we all can find refuge!

There is a place where we can cast  all our cares!

There is a place that is full of joy!

There is a place of great release from the cares of this life!

No, this is not a poem, but just a few thoughts about how I feel about something that is so essential: Prayer.

Nothing takes place in this life, at least not for me, without God’s help. Prayer is the vehicle that helps to take us to that place in God where the issues of this world are irrelevant and peace the passes understanding is present.

If you’re in need of answers about your personal life, marriage, family, church, whatever. I simply recommend talking to God about it. He knows and has the specific answer for you.

I’m not saying it’s not wise to seek counsel from “wisdom people”…….. somethings are better left between you and God.

Pray about it!

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