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7 Things To Know About The Crowd

Stuff Gets Blurry In The Crowd

I’ll admit, I like going to sporting events that are full. But when it comes to concepts and ideas, sometimes the crowd can be the wrong place if you’re seeking innovation. I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals lately, particularly the goals I set out to accomplish before the end of the year.

In order to accomplish them, somethings must be done differently. While I work on these adjustments in my personal life, here are 7 Things That Are Wrong With The Crowd (in my opinion). They may challenge you to alter some personal habits of your own.

1. Too many people talk about the same thing over and over again in the crowd.

2. Too often complaints about what can’t be done because of all the obstacles, somehow always surface in the crowd.

3. In the crowd some people would rather wait until the crowd decides to do something, as opposed to doing something as the need should be met.

4. The crowd can limit your ability to be creative.

5. The crowd punishes people for not going along with status quo.

6. Mediocrity is the norm in the crowd.

7. The crowd is full of people telling you why you should stick with the crowd.

Did I miss anything? What has been your experience with the crowd. Leave a comment below.

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