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Day 28 Good Everyday I Failed

Well Day 28 was a day FULL of other stuff that was really important. And I didn’t give before 11:59.59  (I hope I typed that correctly). Not Good!

If I’m going to be a successful Tentblogger I must acknowledge the fact that my strategy needs to change Q-U-I-C-K-L-Y. My approach to doing good everyday needs immediate adjustment. The fact that this post is being published shortly after midnight is frustrating.

To remedy my late posting dilemma I’m thinking of possible solutions to help the ailment of “Late Blog Posting-itis.”

Here are five that come to mind:

1. Write blog posts before the break of day each morning.

2. Have a ghost writer publish them for me

3. Stop blogging altogether (God forbid).

4. Commit to only blogging a few days of the week. (This would defeat the “everyday” personal challenge.)

5. Write my posts at least 5 days in advance. This is something I really want to do. I was encouraged to do this during a recent conversation with Blane, James, and Randy.

What are you thoughts? What should I do to help solve the “Late Blog Posting-itis”?


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