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Day 39 Good Everyday Arizona

Arizona Canyon In Navaho Desert

Alabama Saturday. Alaska yesterday. Arizona today. My oh my, the many miles in just a few days (not literally). 🙂

What city? Phoenix. What organization? Before I get to the organization that received the $1, allow me to explain why I really like organizations like the one that is featured today. My background is in public education. I’ve taught and been a district administrator in one of the largest school districts in this country.

One of my primary roles was  to oversee mentoring initiatives from various agencies.

Many youth need a positive adult role model. Not just a parent, teacher, or coach. But someone who is committed to be their mentor one-on-one.

Students who have mentors are:

  • less likely to dropout,
  • less likely to do drugs,
  • less likely to have pre-marital sex,
  • and are more likely to lead productive lives

Today’s spotlight is on Youth At Risk. According to their site:

Phoenix Youth at Risk, through our structured mentoring programs, helps at-risk and homeless children and teens learn to dream again. Then, we help them learn how to makes those dream a reality. Youth at Risk makes possible new futures for children youth through mentoring and value-driven programs.

Watch this clip!

I hope Phoenix Youth At Risk continues to inspire youth to do GOOD!

Arkansas, here we come!

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  • Randy Kinnick

    Mentoring has a huge impact. I had a junior high English teacher who took a special interest in me during a time when my parents were going through a divorce. His influence and guidance was a great help to me through that difficult time. He also drew me into some extra-curricular activities that taught leadership and communication skills that have stuck with me throughout the years.

    • Dewitt Robinson

      Mentors wear many different hats. I think most adults that lead productive lives have had at one time or another, someone they can point to that played a pivotal role in their life.

  • Michael

    I like what your talking about, and doing. This is the way to reach our youth who feel like no one cares. I've been on the front line before. I once worked at a drug treatment center, for 12-18 year olds. many had crimnal records and came from fatherless homes. Must were in a gangs, and didn't have positive male role models.

    • Dewitt Robinson

      Powerful Michael. One of the keys is to provide a model early in life so that students aren't swayed in the wrong direction.

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