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Day 43 Good Everyday Connecticut

The tour rolls on in New England. The state starts with “C”. We’ve already visited California. We were in Colorado yesterday.

So, where in the world are we today?


Which city?New Haven.

Which Organization?

New Haven Home Recovery


It is the mission of New Haven Home Recovery to promote the independence of women and children confronted with homelessness, HIV/AIDS and behavioral health issues in a supportive environment where their potential can be realized.


New Haven Home Recovery, Inc was established in 1990 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, by the Reverend Rosalie Richards, in response to a critical need to shelter women with dependent children. During that time, shelter services were available for adult women and men in New Haven, but no one had addressed the needs of women with children who were homeless.

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  • Randy Kinnick

    I think it's interesting that this ministry also specifically indicates they address behavioral health issues. So often that aspect of helping those who are homeless or trapped in addictive lifestyles is not openly addressed or acknowledged.

    • Dewitt Robinson

      I agree Randy! There is room for ministry everywhere to address many needs. Are you in mental health counseling?

      • Randy Kinnick

        That is my background. I currently do a considerable amount of counseling in my pastoral role as well.

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