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Day 50 Good Everyday Iowa

Yep, we’re in Iowa today. Iowa Children Of Promise has the spotlight for their outstanding mentoring efforts.

According to their site:

Our One-on-One Mentoring Program is community-based and supports the creation and maintenance of quality, lasting, mentoring relationships between children of parents involved in the criminal justice system and caring, supportive, adult mentors. In Linn County the youth served range from 6-17 years old, whereas in Johnson County the focus is on 12-17 year old youth, many who are already involved in the criminal justice system themselves.

Keep shining ICOP!

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  • Randy Kinnick

    Great need. Charles Coleson has a ministry that cares for families of the incarcerated.

    • Dewitt Robinson

      Thanks Randy! Is Charles a pastor? I ask because I'm wondering if it's possible to be a full-time blogger and lead a ministry?

      • Randy Kinnick

        No…I'm sorry, I should have used the name he's more known as: Chuck Coleson, of President Nixon's Watergate fame. He came to faith in Christ during the legal proceedings, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and was sentenced to 1-3 years in prison. He served 7 months and was so impacted by what he saw in prison that he later founded Prison Fellowship. You can check out a summary of his story here…

        • Dewitt Robinson

          Wow! Will do.

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