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Day 54 Good Everyday Louisiana

Kansas Sunday.

Kentucky yesterday.

The tour is still kickin’….today we roll into Louisiana. Baton Rouge to be exact! 🙂

There was a time in a different season of my life, when I worked with one of the largest school districts in America. I was the lead person for all mentoring relationship initiatives (among other things).

When I hear of great groups like Big Buddy groups making a significant difference I really get pumped up!

According to their site:

Big Buddy Vision:

That every child has a positive role model leading him/her to make good choices resulting in a healthy and rewarding life.

Big Buddy Mission:
To provide access to positive role models and learning experiences to children who lack these resources.

Big Buddy Program Description:

Big Buddies and Little Buddies enjoy spending time together doing special projects, completing homework assignments, reading books, and developing a friendship through other fun activities. Through the creation of mentoring programs that allow for different levels of commitment, flexibility in activities, additional agency support, and the implementation of the Day of the Mentor event, the number of mentoring relationships has been on the incline. In addition, the established relationships are well rooted and are likely to continue past the original commitment period.

Keep up the great work Big Buddy Of Baton Rouge!

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