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MLK Day-Day of Service

Yesterday, was a tremendous of day of service. We conducted our first pre-launch activity by making MLK Day, a day of service. We participated in the parade as well as the METRO PARK activities. We distributed hundreds of bags of popcorn and hot cocoa. It also gave us an opportunity to meet and connect with people that we likely would’ve never met.I thank God for it, because we served yound and old, black and white, everybody. While the day was very rewarding to know that our first community service project was a success, I’m yet troubled by some things that still seem sticky in our community that must be addressed in a tangible way.

We’re on to pre-launch activity #2.

Before I go I have a list of Thank YOUs:
My Wife
The Prayer Team
West Jax
MLK Foundation of Jacksonville
Duval Ford
Everybody that helped out

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