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Diversity is a beautiful thing

Yesterday, I was part of a Very Big Community service project. About 25 (mostly young) people completed a smaller version of Extreme Makeover as a final project for Blueprint For Leadership. If you've followed my tweets, you've probably heard me mention my involvement with this year's class. We did a massive clothing drive, renovated a seemingly unrepairable courtyard, and really "souped up" three bedrooms-just to name a few. All of this was to benefit a worthy organization- Community Connections of Jacksonville.

The upgrades were nice, but that's not the best part! In my opinion, the beauty of the entire project was a diverse group of individuals working together for a common goal. Out of the group, I only knew two prior to starting the non-proft leadership training in January. Male-female, black-white-middle eastern, corporate-non-profit sector, young and younger- LOL. It was simply amazing to see us learn from each other, disagree with each other, laugh with each other, and grow with each other. 

Individuals of diverse backgrounds can work together, but they must be willing to do so. I discovered four things about being part of Blueprint For Leadership's 2009 service project yesterday:

1. In human diversity is the creativity of God. Picture above by Estherase

2. Leaders can work with other leaders

3. Our differences, is often what strengthens our synergy

4. People put up walls invisible walls of separation, but God made love, and is love, to conquer all

What have you learned about working in diverse group settings?

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