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Diving Into Something New

Taking A Dive Into Something Exciting


We’re in the starting blocks….about to take a dive. Ready?

Whoever said that starting over was wrong, is wrong. Wait, I don’t know anyone who actually shared this. I just think I heard someone say this.

At any rate, the focus here is changing by the day. Covering Northwest Jacksonville, will no longer be a focus. I said that yesterday. Nope, no more as a single area. Sure we may highlight some events. Yet, it won’t be with the focus that was initially targeted months ago. It doesn’t make sense to try to tackle this. There are many news groups covering this region. They have for years. So perhaps I should focus my efforts in new areas. That’s why I’m writing this post to specifically state we are changing courses.

If you follow the handle on Twitter “nowjax“, I tweeted a change was coming. Not really knowing how the change was going to look and impact our city. Nevertheless, the targets have changed, and for the better I might add. I believe I have an idea that’s going to draw us closer together. Not just for the sake of it. But in a meaningful way! A really, really meaningful way. I’m talking about solution, impact, mobilize, kind of meaningful way 🙂

Not too mention, that I don’t live in Northwest Jacksonville anymore. And haven’t for quite some time. So I needed to be credible with the information presented here. This will be fun! I’m sure of it. Keep your eyes open for something that will impact us for good. For good, for years to come.

I wish I could share more details at this time. The pot roast isn’t done quite yet. So while details are under development. Stay tuned because I will need your input to make things happen. After all, nothing ever happens by one individual alone. That’s not how we’re made. We were created to accomplish stuff together.

Looking forward to the journey together!

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