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Make it happen today. Remember: "Doing, not learning to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship." - Guy Kawasaki
Dewitt Robinson

I am enjoying re-reading through “Art Of The Start” by Guy Kawasaki. It has help to affirm the belief of sound principles to achieving your goals. He shares very practical advice to simply get going.

It is not enough to simply walk through life without any evidence of proof of work. What value did we add to the world. What legacy did we leave. What is the fruit from our labor? Blogging (IMO) is only as good as the content- symbolic of the seeds.

We must have an appetite for the work and the joy from the fruit of what we do!

This time around with BlogX I am thinking about an intentional end of journey project. This would be like a capstone project. Simply, its my way of keeping my self  on track for the experience.

There are many ideas that are surfacing…perhaps a blogging symposium, a concert, a webinar, etc. Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not. It may simply be a video blog post. Whatever it is, it will be a testament to what happens when you commit your time, talent, and treasure to a goal.

Yes, “doing” is my mantra for the next 86 days. It has to be. If I am not doing all my TALK has little substance without ACTION.

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