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5 Don’t Do’s For Married People On Facebook

These are my personal feelings on ways MARRIED individuals can avoid moral failure on Facebook.
Yes, FB is a valuable tool to network and advance causes that you believe in.  However, I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to accept every friend request that you receive.
While it is a valuable tool, it also poses several dangers if you’re not careful. With the potential to reconnect with so many people that you may have lost contact with; every lost contact doesn’t need to be rekindled. Failed relationships with the opposite sex prior to your marriage with your queen isn’t something that I can see as needing a renewal.
I really could write more on this subject, but I’ll be brief. If you want to read some other writings on this topic click here.
Here are my five guiding rules:
1. Don’t send friend requests to persons of the opposite sex with whom you’ve had a previously relationship with  or had a thing for.
2. Don’t accept friend requests from people of the opposite sex who you know you had a thing for in the past or you dated before getting married. You know who these people are….don’t act stupid.
3. Don’t engage in sensual private conversations with people of the opposite sex. You know what triggers your flesh.
4. Don’t create anonymous FB accounts that allow you  to “explore” outside of your covenant with your spouse.
5. Don’t ignore your spouse on FB. I’m not saying to only interact with them, but don’t put off your spouse because you’re trying to pretend to live another life with someone else.
These are just a few that stand out. What are your Don’t Do’s For Married People on Facebook?

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson

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