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8 Tips From Me For Your Big Goal

You wouldn’t believe how much work has gone into making the reality of all 448 students at Carter G. Woodson receiving a gift this year has required. It has been an uphill climb, but we’re finally on the brink of something significant taking place.

Before the distribution of the toys to the students I wanted to take a moment to share a few tips from what I’ve learned from this money/toy drive over the past three weeks plus. Here we go….

1. Motive. Always ask yourself… why am I doing this? Is it for God’s glory? Or is it to promote your own agenda.

2. Communicate. I can’t speak enough on how importance this is. Nobody knows your thougts except you. Tell it, tell it, and tell it again. If people get tired of hearing your big dream or goal that’s a good sign.

3. Create shared ownership. People want to be part of something that’s positive, giving, and out of the ordinary. Give people an opportunity to share a piece of your dream. It will be amazing how it grows. Leverage your influence to get the job done by sharing the load.

4. Stay focused. It’s easy to get distracted and off the path of success for your big drive. Be sure you’ve set your targets. This helps tremendously. It enables you to easily say no to things that don’t fit into the plan where you’re headed. Be sure to tell the people close to you what you’re planning. Sometimes, people can get caught in the trap of “unintention” simply because you were focused on your big goal and didn’t make time for some of their special interests.

5. Work hard. This is different from #4. Working hard is just what it is. Push, scrape, shout, whatever is necessary to accomplish  your big goal.

6. Celebrate small successes on your journey. $1 should give you just as much motivation for the cause as $100. When people realize that you’re grateful for all of the support toward your big goal, the more inclined they will be to help push you. Celebrating everything helps to level to playing field for everyone.

7. Never doubt. Don’t allow people to control your thoughts about your big goal because they have none. Surround yourself with people that believe in the God in you. Naysayers will always be present. You must have faith to believe that God will be there with you to help you fulfill your big goal.

8. Passion. You must. Let me repeat. You MUST be passionate about your big goal. As crazy as it may appear, if you’re not excited about your new “Peanut and Pickles” invention 🙂 no one else will be. Passion is contagious. People will respond in ways you haven’t imagined once they sense a bit of zeal for your BIG DREAM.

I hope this inspires you to greater dimensions in life.

Leave me a comment about some of the strategies that help you to accomplish your big dream. 

Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson

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