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Racial and Ethnic Disparities Report

Hopefully, you’re reading this today after church. It frustrates me to know that these problems exist. I’m sure it will for you too after reading this report. The church is called to be the answer to society’s ills. We must do something to help change the course for many unprepared, disadvantaged children.

I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time. I read this report (portions of it) months ago. When I started, so much of it was discomforting that I stopped. If you’re really concerned about the future of all Jacksonville’s next generation…this is definitely a file that you should keep on hand. It will either be the fuel you need to Be The Change. Perhaps, it might make you sick to your stomach- to do nothing.

I’m not one to believe that you always have to have an official report to answer a call to action. But this report compiled by the Jacksonville’s Children’s Commission has all the data and professional expertise you need to get up and get moving. It’s called “The Racial And Ethnic Disparities Report.”

In it you’ll discover many of the systematic reasons why so many children perform better in life (not just school) than do others.

Click here. Get up and do something now!

What are your thoughts after reading this?

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