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Family Day

Today was a day for the Robinson Family…..

  • Late for the Sabbath Service
  • Visited the S.C. State College Fair @ Bethel Baptist Church. Big-ups for Pastors McKissick Sr. and Jr. and all the folks who pulled the event off.
  • Witness the localized “Gospel Idol” from the Maestro Troy Sneed
  • Bought my 2 yr old a  CD from Brinson….check him out at

  • Did some shopping at the mall
  • We even went grocery shopping and realized we’re not the only people who eat wheat bread
  • While shopping at the mall I saw this nice little orange Smart Car. It had everything a full-size car has: A/C, radio, CD player, and at least 2 seats. But what struck me more than anything was this thought…

    What if you’re dreams are bigger than what you see in front of you. What if you’ve grown beyond what you’re used to experiencing. What if you want more out life. What if God has put a hunger inside of you beyond what many of your peers want to experience.

    As I stood in front of this car, amazed at its compactness, I couldn’t help to think about what I believe God is saying to all of us- GROW! Step out of the box! Do what I’m telling you to do!

    I don’t know if this helps….I’m just reflecting.

    Posted via web from Dewitt Robinson

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