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First Seven Of Good Everyday

If you’ve been following my tweets or reading my blog here over the past few days you probably noticed that I’ve embarked on a new effort. For sake of time, you can read it on this page. It’s true! Everyday since October 1 I have given $1 to an individual or organization. I even spoke with a local news station about it today. Funny how that sort of thing happens 🙂

The goal is to simply share the light that GOOD can happen everyday with just a little. My little may be different from your little. The point isn’t the amount, but that we demonstrate GOOD. Got it? Good.

This post is to simply highlight the week. Hopefully I will get better at this as time goes on. Here it is:

Day 1- $1 given to someone who hasn’t provided pics yet of what GOOD he did

Day 2- $1 given to Evan Green Here are the pics

Day 3- $1 given Terence Lester. He gave his dollar to this guy

Day 4- $1 given to another dude who hasn’t replied

Day 5- $1 given to World Food Programs at this restaurant, because I ate chicken that night. I can’t find the receipt 🙁

Day 6- $1 given to ItsChance. You can read more about them here.

Day 7- $1 given to Family Promise Of Jacksonville. You can read more about them here.

So this was week one! Learned a lot. I will get better at telling this story. Be a giver. Peace.

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