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Refocusing Blog Strategy For Success

Focus Empowers Your Strategy

After two days, of late (near midnight) blog posts I’m adjusting my focus on how I push out blog posts.

The first thing I did was pray. This is a must always.

Secondly, I did some research of John Saddington’s Tentblogger. Specifically, I was looking for help in the area of writing focus. Did I find help? A lot. I mean super-sized fry kind of help. Click here to read his post on FOCUS.

Thirdly (if this is a word), I jotted down a few notes of my own to help me clarify my efforts. The are actionable items. It’s a very short list, but one I hope to expand on in the upcoming days. Three bite size points to laser in on for the near future.

So here it is:

  1. Create a content focus for this blog.
  2. Create categories for this blog.
  3. Schedule blog posts one to three weeks in advance.

What else should include? Thoughts?

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