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Forgive And Try To Forget

Forgiving in life is like driving with a clear windshield in front of you.

The forgiving: So many new paths to take, so many new opportunities, and many more new possibilities.

Recently, I had to come to grips with an episode of my life in ministry that required months, let me not lie, YEARS to get over. STUFF happens, even in the church. What happened, I wish on no one. What came out of it, I hope the same for everyone- A MUCH BETTER PERSON.

Thank God for a supportive wife, my dad, and few close friends! I couldn’t have faced the situation without them. I had to meet with someone face to face to describe how I felt after certain decisions were made. I didn’t understand at the time that it was for my good. Too often, we try to figure out why God allows painful stuff to take place. While, I don’t understand everything…… God is faithful to our destiny in life, even when we least expect it.

Since, my meeting I feel better, relieved, and like a load has been lifted from me.

The forgetting: in the past, old stuff, lost memories (or at least you try not to think about it), end of chapters.

Forget as we may try. It’s not always possible. The main thing, is to treat those places as references in your rearview mirror. Stuff we’ve overcome to remind us of how strong we are and what lies ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I’m smiling more confidently about ministry now. God knows it hurt. I cried. Tried to rationalize how could it happen in the church.

Hurt I was, Healed I am. Why? Because I chose to forgive. You can do the same.

Keep driving people!

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