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In Everything Give Thanks!

First, Happy Thanksgiving!I’m sitting here thinking of what I’m thankful for the most  or the top five things I want to give “big ups” about. The truth is, I’m thankful for all things. Just imagine if we all had a revelation of how important, at all times, to be glad about all that happens in life. How could we be depressed? How could we be worried? How could we complain?

The bible says, “In every thing give thanks.” This may not be a very popular scripture. And I’m not trying to be deep or overly spiritual about this today. I’m just truly grateful for everything……my wife, children, family, church home, legs, feet, hands, the sun, the good, the bad, the ugly, you get the picture.

But more importantly, is the fact that this is a commandment for the believer. We must give thanks in everything. So don’t worry about the struggling economy or anything that you’re “In” right now. Just give thanks always.

Here’s a video to help keep all this in perspective.

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