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Do What You Can With What You Have

Focus on what you can do now and not what will come later. Often we can overcome many battles of negativity and self-defeat if we continue to focus on using the resources that we have and not those of others we can move more swiftly towards success.

When was the last time we asked ourselves have we given our all to that THING. Stopping short is simply not acceptable. Push, go hard, or go home.

We have so much to do and only one life to live.

We must do what we can with ALL that we have to make a difference in the life others. I firmly believe that we will be held accountable for use of lack their of of gifts, talents, and abilities.

We are not in this life alone. Reach out to someone, ask for help from people that you know have your best interest in mind. They will provide much needed honest, feedback. All of our skill sets are different for a reason. We have something to offer. And should be able to receive from the gifts of others.

All in all. Take advantage of life’s positive offerings. Turn lemons in to lemonade and do great things.

Make a determination to use what you have to accomplish what you desire in life.

Why? Because if you aren’t willing to use what you have, why should someone trust you with what they have?

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