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A Heart That Forgives- Kevin Levar

Forgiveness, better yet, living a life that is constantly forgiving is a must. Let’s face it! We’ve done wrong by other people, and most of us have been wronged by people we lease expected. MOVE ON!

The pain may run deep, but you nor I will ever get where we are supposed to be in life if we hold on to bitterness and grudges.

Here three essentials for walking in forgiveness:

1. Prayer. Ask for God’s assistance to deal with the issue.

2. Talk about it. Find a trusted friend to talk it over with. Often, people can help you to see the issue from a different perspective.

3. Confront it. If possible, consider confronting the person that committed the offense. This can be the most helpful. Releasing your thoughts in a respectful manner is healthy. It will enable you to be strengthened emotionally and empowered to live a life free from the past.

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