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For nearly two years I’ve talked about church planting. Much to my disobedience it hasn’t produced, because I’ve been trying to do it my way or better yet like everyone else has done it.

Only my wife can testify to this…..
June of 2008 when I prayed about whether or not God was leading me in this direction, two things were clear: my meditation on Isaiah 42 and HIS voice that said “I want you to start out online.” At the time, and even most recently, I’ve tried to mirror some church planters. Have a vision, build a team, raise your support, identify a location, serve in the community, host pre-launch activities…Go!!

None of this has worked for me!

Am I trying to be different? No, but I am striving for obedience to HIS will concerning I’d rather trust HIS plan and HIS path than try to copy the best plan of someone else.

A bit nervous? Sure. Embarrased about all the false starts? a little.

So how do you turn around from past mistakes? I’ve learned a lesson from one of my favorite bible characters…I’ll share it with you tomorrow.

In the mean time is moving forward.

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