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I Give Myself Away- William McDowell

Have you ever had a day or days when you didn’t know whether or not you’re coming or going? Whether you’re doing the right thing or not? Sometimes the weight of the assignment can seem overwhelming.

Our simple desire to please the Lord in all that we do can get lost in all of the pressures that come along with being obedient. I know that may seem like a double-standard, but it’s true. There is a price you pay walking in the way The Father has planned for you.

I’ve come to discover this price has to do with how much we’re willing to sacrifice for His plan, will, and desires, versus- our selfish plan, will, and desires. Take my advice- Surrender.

Church Planting is a choice, but it should be one that is God led. If you’re like me…all my life’s training and development it seemed like was preparing for a life serving the needs of the secular world. Then God decides to interrupt what I thought was going to bring me joy and happiness. Walking away from all those noble ambitions is difficult. But I’d rather be in HIs will than any other place.

Here is a song that is somewhat a pesonal anthem. The song is entitled “I Give Myself Away” by William McDowell. Listen and be blessed!

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