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I Push

Lately, I’ve been thinking through the process of how to raise the  necessary support to build an effective ministry. I have three ways of doing one thing. Funny it may sound, but true. Three viable options to accomplish one goal.

It’s pretty clear that a school is the most cost effective location for Image Church to meet initially.

So how does someone with a whole lot of passion to reach souls for Christ raise support over and beyond what I have ever done in my life.

I’ve reached out to the “Who’s Who” in the church plant-o-sphere to little or no avail. Many church planting  networks require an investment that I don’t have right now.

I don’t have a “circle” of pastors that I can call on for support.

What I do have is faith……to believe that God has me in Jacksonville, FL to serve my generation.

With this confidence….I Push.

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