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Turning The Idea On

Turn Your Ideas On

Here I go again! Ready? I said, are you ready?

I’m about to do something that hasn’t been done in this city. At least I’ve never heard of it being done. What is it? I can’t tell you just yet. Why? Because it’s still cooking in the oven. I have a few more details to work out before it’s released to the public exactly what it is. So for now you’ll have to endure staying in the dark just a bit.

Nevertheless, the goal is to highlight what’s good in our city. One: to help spark a movement of intentional relationships to solve problems. Two: to do good in areas that need major upgrades. Thirdly, to have fun. Can’t do anything without having some level of enjoyment about it. Even if it is painful.

We (Jacksonville), need a spark that levels the playing field. Who can we help the most? How can we help the most? When can we help the most? These are some of the questions I’m hoping to answer in a very meaningful manner.

Sure we can look at what’s good and what is working well. But the biggest room in any house, is the room for IMPROVEMENT. Agree? I thought you would.

The idea of bringing people together is very noble. But you and I both know that this is almost always easier said than done. For people to gather from different schools of thought there MUST be a common denominator. Without it, you are likely to have as many different goals as there are people gathered for whatever purpose.

This _________ (later to be revealed) will either make me look like a fool or guy that has a plan. Personally, I know my intentions are to uplift Jacksonville. Thus, if I do look like a fool in the process it’s OK by me. As long as we GROW.


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