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Are You Indispensable?

I came across his article on Bloomberg entitled Are You Indispensable? Seth Godin is one of the leading thought leaders of today. Promoting his book, Linchpin at a NYC event, he offered this advice to the participants there for launching the inner creative ability….

1. “If there is a map or a set of rules, reject it. You will not get paid fairly if all you do is follow the rules.”

2. “What you must do is [create] generous art, gifts that change people, connect with people, lead with people, make change that matters.”

3. “Ship it.”

[This referred to the tendency we all have to talk ourselves out of doing something, instead convincing ourselves that it’s too soon/not ready/not a good time/we’ll be laughed out of town if we try it now, clearly we should delay. From the nodding heads and murmured approval around the room as Godin described this concept it seemed like a familiar problem. And, of course, the idea of shipping something that might not be perfect isn’t just creatively liberating, it’s really the only way to exist in a world where if you don’t launch your great idea, you’ll miss your moment altogether.]

4. “Treat the platform as an opportunity to give gifts and make change, not something to survive to get to tomorrow.”

Disclaimer: The article was written by Helen Waters

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